How to Choose a Domain Name

How to choose a domain name

How to Choose a Domain Name

How to Choose a Domain Name?

How to find the right domain name for your Online business? These are probably the first questions that pop up into the mind of people planning to start their own website.

If you are also struck in the dilemma of choosing the correct domain name for your online business/website, your search probably ends here. In this blog post of Clicks Bazaar, we are going to tell you exactly the same.

Choosing best domain names for blogs and a personal website is one of the most crucial decisions for a website. Why? Well just think over it. Domain name is the online identity of your website/brand.

It’s like an address where every visitor coming to your website lands up. All your marketing strategies, link building, and SEO will focus on getting the domain name higher in search results.

So all this makes the selection of domain name a pretty important decision. Once chosen and the website is doing well, it can be a very difficult decision to change the domain name.

Here are the best practices to choose a domain name for blog / website / online business:-

#1 Keep it short and simple

Your domain name should be short and easy to remember. This increases the chances of recurring visitors on your website. And don’t forget, easier a thing to memorize, easier it is to share with others.

#2 Avoid the use of hyphens

There are proven case studies that people often don’t remember the hyphens between two words so a hyphen should always be avoided.

#3 Avoid the use of numbers

People often use numbers in domain names. It is a bad practice as people often get confused when spoken the same. It’s not clear from the domain name whether its a number or a phrase.

#4 Domain should represent your work/niche

Your domain name should speak for you. It should clearly represent what the website is all about. Clarity of thought should be the first thing a domain name should do.

#5 Go for a TLD

TLD refers to Top Level Domain. This means that always prefer a .com domain over .in domain. People have a general habit to press ctrl+enter for a website.

Also, people by default consider that a domain is .com when you share the domain name. Say you tell someone. My website is “Clicks Bazaar”.

They will naturally consider it as when no other domain extension is specified. Also if you are planning to have a big startup, getting all the related domain extensions is a must.

Here at Clicks Bazaar we always suggest the best domain to our clients without any extra cost if you are going for any kind of Web Development Service or Web Designing Service from us.

We hope this post of Clicks Bazaar has given you enough information on How to Choose a domain name for your website.

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