Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

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What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Search Engine Optimisation is a group of strategies, techniques and clever tactics which is used to increase the amount of visitors on a website by obtaining a top ranking on the search results of any search engine such as Google,Yahoo,Bing etc.

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Why SEO matters?

It does not matter how attractive your website is, because if the visitors are not able to reach it, all of the money which is invested in the development of your website, the hard-work of all of your web developers is fruitless. Today more than 85% of the people use Google as their primary search engine and 94% of the people do not even bother going to the second page of the search results. Out of these 94% potential visitors, 63% of the visitors click on the first 3 links also known as the golden triangle region of a search engine. Thousands of websites are buried deep inside the search pages losing all of their potential customers just because of mediocre search engine optimization.You don’t want to fall under same category,do you?

Optimising your website to rank on the first page is one of the most crucial task that you should do to boost up your business to greater heights, Search Engine Optimisation is not an auxiliary anymore rather it has become the prime necessity for the top ranking websites all over the world.

Advantages of Search Engine Optimisation

Clicksbazaar is the most proficient web designing service, if you wish to increase the lucrativeness of your business by taking it to the top of the search results.We are highly qualified professionals backed up by more than 10 years of experience in this industry and from SEO experts all over the globe including, We are working for more than 25 countries on around 10,000+ projects worldwide.

Unlike other SEO services, we provide you the live tracking functionality which will serve both as a proof and feature as it will let you know the number of visitors visiting your website every hour, every day and every week!

But that’s not it! We have the best software specially designed for the region which will find the major bugs, technical problems and anti-SEO material on your website and guarantee your ranking on the top of the search results ensuring that you get most of the attention!

  • We have been working for than 10 years in this field with over 10,000+ projects all over the world.
  • Our team consists of data analysts and SEO experts mostly based which are constantly experimenting on the new ways to get the best ranking for your website..
  • Our SEO algorithms are specially designed for an environment to make sure that your website will rank on top on
  • We clearly offer the best SEO services and are among the leading SEO companies

We are experts in:

On Page Optimization
On page SEO or optimization refers to the special measures that can be taken directly within the website itself to improve its ranking on the search results it includes various tasks like improving the title,modifying the content according to the algorithms and according to the standards of the search engine and modifying all the anti-SEO material to make you the boss of your industry!

Off Page Optimization
Off page SEO or optimization refers to the backlinks that will direct the user to your website it includes social media marketing, link building etc. based on which the search engine will take your website to the peak of the search results.