Tips to Improve PageRank | Best Link Building Techniques

how to improve website ranking

Tips to Improve PageRank | Best Link Building Techniques

Tips to Improve PageRank of your Website with the Best Link Building Techniques, something everyone has been looking for after the recent Google PageRank update dated November 8, 2012.

Many Clients of Clicks Bazaar has a manifold increase in the Page Rank, some got PR 2, 3, 4, 5 or even 6. This PR update made the Clients of Clicks Bazaar really happy.

Though we didn’t get time to work on our own PR this time as we were flooded will work, we will ensure that in the next Google PR update, Clicks Bazaar gets at least Google Page Rank (PR) 3 or 4.

The article must have made many things pretty clear for you. You might have understood by now that the art of improving the PageRank of your website just lies in linking to quality websites and making quality backlinks with the best Link Building Techniques

There are various ways to improve the backlinks of your website. We would be discussing the best Link Building Techniques below.

Also keep in mind one thing, building quality backlinks is not the only thing, the backlinks should be from websites/blogs of the same niche as well.

Google loves natural link building, so the backlinks that you make should make sense to Google. Google should consider them as legitimate links, then only your PageRank, as well as website Search Engine Rankings, are going to improve.

Here are the Best Tips to Improve PageRank of your Website | Best Link Building Techniques:-

Guest Post Submission

Guest Post is posting articles on high PR and authority blogs in return of a few backlinks from them. They get quality content and you get quality backlinks. Its a win-win situation for both the parties. This is the best form of link building that always works. This is one strategy that we always suggest our clients. This is the fastest method of link building to improve your PageRank and Search Engine Rankings. Here at Clicks Bazaar, we offer premium Guest Post Submission Service, go and have a look.

Blog Commenting

Blog commenting is the practice of commenting on high PageRank (PR) websites and blogs, the blogs should be of the same niche for high approval rate. This also seems to be a legitimate form of link building. Clicks Bazaar also offers exclusive Blog Commenting service keeping the latest Google search algorithms in mind, give it a try.

Forum Link Building

Forum Link building is another type of Link Building Strategy. We build quality backlinks from forum profiles and threads with high PageRank (PR), which helps us in improving our own PageRank (PR). Check out the Forum Link Building Service offered by Clicks Bazaar.

Article Prism Submission

Article Prism Submission creates a network of backlinks in various article directories and our own website. Read more about Article Prism Submission Service.

Online Press Release

Whenever any new product is launched or there is an upcoming event for any big company, they go for Press releases in various newspapers and other forms of media. Similarly, we have an online press release, there are a lot of Online Press Release Websites that allow users to register a Press Release. These Press Release websites are high authority and high PageRank (PR) websites, building backlinks on them via press release submission is also a smart way of improving PageRank (PR). Check out the Online Press Release Submission Service by Clicks Bazaar.

Online Classified Listing

Online Classifieds is becoming one of the fastest means of getting an audience and selling your products online. If your website fits under any category which can be listed on Online Classifieds, it is an amazing way to sell your products online by getting a targeted audience as well as improving your Page Rank. Here is what Clicks Bazaar’s Online Classified Listing Service has in store for you.

Link Baiting

Link Baiting is the art of building Backlinks in a viral way. People can create their online brands using the Link Baiting technique. To read more about Link Baiting, check out the Link Baiting Service offered by Clicks Bazaar.

Directory Submission

Directory submission is one of the oldest Link Building techniques. Directory submission involves submitting the website link to article directories with the targeted keyword. Check out what Clicks Bazaar Directory Submission Service has in store for you.

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