The Experiment of Reviewbag Com

The Experiment of Reviewbag Com

Hey Readers, we are making an entry in the blog of Clicks Bazaar after long. We were busy developing some awesome websites so that took most of our time. A lot of great things happened in Clicks Bazaar at this time. We increased the staff size, got some new properties for an accommodation of staff, got some really big projects and the best of all – completed everything properly and on time.

This post of Clicks Bazaar is to introduce you all to a new project (experiment) of ours –

Review bag is just an experiment of ours to take SEO to the next level. We have decided a couple of Link Building Strategies, content writing strategies and social media strategies for the same. What we aim with this website is to get a phenomenal amount of traffic in a time that people can’t expect.

About Review Bag:-

It is a Tech blog covering all the latest gadget reviews, tech news, and tutorials. We will try to cover the latest gadget reviews with the best price options and their how-to’s on the blog. We might also be starting with a video channel for the same later this month. If it all goes as expected (which will), the experiment might give us one of the biggest tech blogs of India.

Here are a few details on the website:-

Domain Authority (DA) – 1
Backlink – 0
Domain Purchase Date – Aug 14, 2013
Website Setup Complete: – Aug 18, 2013
First Post Made – Aug 19, 2013
Alexa on Aug 18, 2013 – 18,935,204

We have set some extraordinary targets to show what team Clicks Bazaar can do in Online Marketing. If we can do it for our own website, we can do the same for yours.

Here are the 1-month targets we have set for Review Bag

Alexa Rank:- Below 2 Lakh (by Aug 30, 2013) – A good demonstration of our Alexa Boosting Service

Monthly Traffic :- 25,000+ visits and 20,000+ unique visitors (by Sep 20, 2013) – A good demonstration of our complete SEO Service

Once we achieve these targets, we are going to share the next set of milestones for Review Bag.

Don’t forget to follow up the result of these tests on Aug 20, 2013, when we will be sharing our Alexa test report and discuss if we have managed to achieve the target or not. Keep visiting Clicks Bazaar for more.


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