Clicks Bazaar Sponsored BREEZE 2014, Shiv Nadar University.

The Story Behind the Name Clicks Bazaar

Clicks Bazaar Sponsored BREEZE 2014, Shiv Nadar University.

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Shiv Nadar University is an international, multi-disciplinary research-led university. The University’s mission is to develop and educate the leaders of tomorrow to support research, scholarly, and creative endeavors that contribute to the creation of new knowledge and to create research and teaching programs that tackle the most pressing problems of India and the global community.

The Fest started by the lamp lighting ceremony done by Mr. Ravi Chopra director of Clicks Bazaar Technologies private limited. After that the fest was lined up with many interesting and amazing programs. After lamp lighting there was a prize distribution ceremony and again the prizes were distributed by Mr. Ravi Chopra the Director of Clicks Bazaar Technologies private limited.

There was a traditional dance performed by the students of Shiv Nadar University which was worth watching, they also performed on bollywood songs which was also a very energetic performance.

The Bollywood singing star Javed Ali performed on star night, singing some of his best love songs which entertained students the most.

But the center of attraction was the motivational speech delivered by Mr. Ravi Chopra, in which he motivated the students by telling ”how to get successful in their life but telling his own story of success“.

The speech was so entertaining and motivational that the students approached Mr. Ravi Chopra personally and asked him give some more tips on how to get success in life.

The fest was a huge success along with the sponsorship of Clicks Bazaar. Soon we would be sponsoring many more fests.

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