How to Avoid Adsense Fraud Clicks – Click Bombing

How to Avoid Adsense Fraud Clicks – Click Bombing

How to Avoid Adsense Fraud Clicks is one of the biggest concerns of webmasters. The fraud clicks activity is in talks these days as many webmasters (including many of the blog owners in our network) are facing this issue.

So Team Clicks Bazaar found it imperative to put some light on the topic and help webmasters protect their Adsense Accounts.

We are not going to discuss What Adsense is, the Importance of an Adsense Account etc., because if you are reading this post, you might already have one and might very well know the importance of your Adsense Account.

What we are going to discuss in this post is the prevention of invalid click activity on your Adsense account.

What is Click Bombing?

Click Bombing is the act of clicking on Adsense Ads (Not Adsense but any network, actually) intentionally at a very high rate. Google finds these clicks intentional and may suspend the Adsense account.

These clicks are mostly done by your competitors, black hat marketers, some hacker groups or any other person who wants to harm you.

Here is an example in which one of the webmasters had a Click Bombing attack.

For many webmasters, Adsense is the prime source of income and suspension of Adsense means losing a hefty revenue from the website. Hence one must take all the necessary measures to avoid Adsense fraud clicks.

For WordPress users (which most of the bloggers are), there is a WordPress Plugin to ease their work.

CB-ProjectCB Project or Click Bomb Project is a WordPress plugin that disables Adsense ads for a particular IP address if the clicks from that IP address increase more than a particular number.

There are many paid plugins for the same as well, but we are not doing any affiliate promotion here, so just google them if you want to go for the paid ones.

What if You Have Already Been Click Bombed?

Well, the very first thing you need to do is to disable the ads for the website that is under attack.

The second step would be to note the IP and report the Adsense Invalid Click Activity to Google. You can do so by filling out this form.

Next, you can browse Google Group/Forum Discussion for more.

We hope that it helped. Do share it with other webmasters that might need it.

Although we always suggest diversifying your Online Income streams and not depending on only Adsense as your income source. Still, we can’t deny the importance of Adsense in your Online Income.