The next big thing for you – Passion In You

The next big thing for you – Passion In You

This post of Clicks Bazaar is something different from what we often write about. In this post of Clicks Bazaar, we are not going to write about any Online Marketing Tips, Web Designing Tips or any other Web Development / Designing Strategies. What we are going to introduce in this post is a project we have been working closely since past 6 months. Its a dream project for some of our very close friends. We have been working very closely with the website development, vision, and even marketing. What we are talking about is a new Online Platform for passionate people, a platform to meet the people of similar passion, grow your network and even get an opportunity to work with the pioneers of the same passion.

So readers here we introduce you to Passion In You. Passion In you gives passionate people a chance to meet people of the similar passion, talk to them, learn things from them or teach them stuff / motivate them and live your dreams. You can even get a chance to work with the big wigs of the similar niche and all this absolutely FREE. you can say its a next-gen networking website with a completely different idea and motive.

Here is a glimpse of some different features of the website:-

Endorsements People will recommend you on the basis of your passion. Say your passion domain is Sports and your passion is Cricket. People can endorse you on the basis of how great cricketer you are.

Hall of passion Its a showcase for all the passionate people who want to show their work to others. You can just map your gallery stuff like Photos, videos, notes to a hall of passion and it would be shown to all the people who explore that passion page and thus your reach will increase manifold.

Opportunity You can list if you are looking for an opportunity or creating an opportunity. Like, if you are an owner of a web company and looking for PHP coders, you just need to create an opportunity stating: I want PHP developers and map it to the passion of coders. All the PHP coders in the world of passion In you will contact you by themselves.

Similarly, if you are looking for an opportunity, you can list it in looking for section and the webmasters/company owners can contact you.

There are over 20 new features that are introduced in Passion In you, more information would be updated on their blog. The best part of the website is that it is not limited to some specific passion domain. It has something for people of any passion.

So what are you waiting for visit now and do drop in your feedback about the same?

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