Placing ads on Business Website Biggest Online Startup Mistake

Placing ads on Business Website Biggest Online Startup Mistake

Placing Ads on Business Website is the Biggest Online Startup Mistake that every online business startup should avoid. This post of Clicks Bazaar is designed for a small online business startup who aim to grow and have the potential as well.

We came across a lot of new websites doing this mistakes and it became imperative for us to write the blog post when one of our own clients did it.

Placing Ads on Business Website | Biggest Online Startup Mistake that you must avoid.

Placing Ads on a business website is a common mistake that people tend to do just to earn some extra income from their website. But are you actually making anything from it or losing much more money from it?

Placing Google Adsense ads or any other kind of ads on your business website could actually ruin your online business. Don’t believe us? Read on…

Google Adsense is the best and biggest advertisement network in the world. It shows highly targeted ads to the audience. If you own a company related to health products sale and just for some extra revenue you place Google ads or any other ads like CPA, CPC etc on it of the same niche just to make some extra income, here is what can happen.

If the advertisement is the same niche, there is a high chance of the visitor clicking on them and visiting them.

Now let’s think it this way, who will advertise for a health products sale, another health product seller ie.. your competition. So you actually sent on your potential client to your competitor’s website. Just for a few bucks.

Now let’s talk about other types of ad formats.

How will CPL Ads affect your corporate website?

Do you really want the audience to fill up a form just to see your content? No one will do it. Thus you are again increasing the bounce rate of your website and loosing the potential clients.

How will CPC and CPM ads affect your website?

Ad networks will provide highly targeted ads for CPM and CPC, which means that your biggest competitor has the highest chances of getting advertised on yours. You really don’t want that. Do you?

How will Affiliate Marketing affect your website?

Affiliate marketing won’t work until you suggest the product that is useful to your audience, and if it’s your audience it should be your products/services that should be the closest of their needs.

Think of it this way, even though you manage to get a couple of sales in affiliate marketing, you will end up giving clients to someone else than making clients for yourself.

Thus we can sum up this post as placing ads on a business website can actually ruin your online business. You may actually loose a hundred or thousands of dollars just trying to get some extra income.

Even you or your known ones can do this mistake of Placing Ads on Business Website. If you know anyone doing this, just share this blog post with them.

Also feel free to drop your views and feedback. We would love to hear from you.


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