Shift from Online Marketing to Online Branding

Shift from Online Marketing to Online Branding

Shift from Online Marketing to Online Branding, what exactly is it? Ever given it a thought? In this post of Clicks Bazaar, we are going to discuss the same.

Online marketing has immense power and is the prime source of income for many big companies and people out there. Over the past 2 decades, we have seen startups turning into a venture of millions and billions, people making millions in a single night, bloggers selling their blogs for millions, people making their livelihood from the internet and much more.

Who could think that the internet, which started to serve the military, could be the source of income for millions of people?

Because of this immense audience online, the trend of online marketing started over a decade back with big online companies like Google, Yahoo etc., entering the market.

It was the era of the World Wide Web Boom (www). The internet changed almost everything. With people gaining confidence in the Internet and the online audience, people started using the Internet for Marketing, also known as Online Marketing.

Some people made huge profits with it saving a lot of money, while others wasted a lot of the wrong decisions. With the lapse of time, Online Marketing got cheaper and better.

We had a more targeted audience to reach; we had information about the audience and the kind of products they were interested in purchasing, in turn increasing the conversion rate.

With the advanced advertisement targeting systems of companies like Google, there was no scope for mistakes and clients wasting their money.

So people started investing online, thus saving their money which could have been spent on offline marketing and also making huge profits.

Online Marketing was not only cheaper than offline marketing but was also very traceable. We could track the audience we have reached, and we could track the clicks they have made and the sales we made.

We could even study the reasons for not converting the audience, which in turn also helped to improve the conversion rate. Thus, Online Marketing proved to be very effective.

Big brands also started to come and sell things online, but the internet was merely a place where they could sell things. It was not viewed as a place where they could build up big brands.

It was used pretty much like a reselling store of a big and well-established brand. They still thought that offline marketing was imperative for them to establish their brand, and the trend continued.

But finally, the barriers have broken, and the myth is over. Finally, Internet and Online Marketing have taken over conventional marketing methods. Online marketing is now viewed as a platform to build brands rather than another marketing or reselling place.

In fact, many companies nowadays rely primarily on online marketing for their business and branding. They no longer believe in Offline Marketing. Facebook is a live example. It started with the internet, and it took over the internet.

There are thousands of examples where Online banding proved to be much more effective and cheaper than conventional offline marketing.