Why Bloggers Are The Best Operations Manager in a Web Company

Why Bloggers Are The Best Operations Manager in a Web Company

Operations managers are a must in any Web/IT company for the successful execution of projects. They take care of all the core operations of a company.

We at Clicks Bazaar were looking for some good people for the same. We interviewed many Experienced candidates for the same. People with years of experience came, but we didn’t get the desired candidate.

So finally, we decided to interview some bloggers. Personally, Bloggers were my choice before starting Clicks Bazaar, as I have been a blogger as well.

The role of the Operations Manager is to Interact with the clients, get the clients’ requirements, get the wireframes ready, and bridge the communication gap between the Designing, Development and Marketing teams.

So we required one person who has a good knowledge of all the 3 domains so that he can bring all the departments well connected and speed up the execution of work.

We were able to find people who were proficient in a domain or two, but no one who was proficient in all 3 and understood the work well.

Then we moved to shortlist some part-time/full-time bloggers for the same, and our search came to an end.

Here are a few reasons why the quality of bloggers is best for operational managers:

A. Knowledge of All the 3 Domains

Bloggers have a good understanding of all the 3 domains – Designing, Development, and Marketing.

Bloggers always strive to make their blogs beautiful, and most bloggers I know always try to learn it themselves.

It not only helps them to save money but also get an insight into the designing domain well. They work with all the tools and languages like CSS 2, CSS 3, HTML 5, Photoshop and many more.

So they do fulfill the design requirements of the organization. They might not excel in it, but it’s not even required as well. The idea is to have a great understanding of the domain so that they can get it executed by the team and support them wherever their input is required.

Then comes the marketing domain. Almost all serious bloggers want to promote their blogs and get the maximum out of them. For this, they are always learning new marketing strategies and tactics to promote their blog.

They have knowledge about SEO; if they are promoting any service, then they also get into PPC (not in-depth, but fair knowledge is enough).

Then comes the development domain. Bloggers might not be as good developers because most of them use the WordPress platform, and it more or less solves all their needs.

But during their learning process, their overall thought process is developed, and they know what is required and how to get the requirements from the client. And that’s what is required. For the development, developers are there.

So Bloggers are good enough to bridge the gap between all three domains and get the operations of the Web company to run smoothly.

B. Self Learners

Another good aspect of bloggers is their self-learning approach. They start at an early age and learn as much as they can. They develop the habit of self-learning, and it is a must for any organization. If the person is a self-learner, he can anytime evolve as a better manager and improve the operations in the ten as well.

C. Thought Process

Bloggers have the mindset of Entrepreneurs, and they take ownership of any work they do. They are highly motivated people, and if given the right direction, they can keep the team highly motivated and improve the efficiency of the team.

Even if they lack some knowledge, we can always train them to become better operations managers.

There is much more to add to this, but these three core points are enough to explain why Bloggers are the best Operations manager in a Web Company.