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What is Search Engine Optimization or SEO?

What does an SEO service provider in India do? We are here to tell you all about that! Briefly, SEO is the process whereby one increases their quality of online traffic or website traffic along with its quantity. It helps obtain free, organic, and natural traffic on your online portals. In simple words it increases your visibility to users via search engines (Google, yahoo, bing, etc.) but how will that happen? The answer is simple! When you choose the best SEO company in India i.e clicks bazaar.

About Us

We are a top SEO company in India and have handled over 1000+ projects in the last few years.

Besides India, we have SEO Services in Canada, United Arab Emirates, and United Kingdom. We have a carefully curated team of people who are fully equipped to fulfill all requirements that our clients have.

We are not only the best but also the most affordable SEO company in India.

What is SEO?

SEO optimizes your companies search results on popular search engines to attract more users to your product, brand, or website.

Every website owner wishes that their website should rank the highest among the search results shown by google but when it comes to technology nothing is straightforward until you choose to get the best SEO services.

Under search engine optimization the complicated google search algorithms are worked upon to improve your page’s ranking. These algorithms calculate how popular your website is through various techniques. SEO helps increase this popularity.

Working of Search Engine Optimization

It is broken down into:

  • AnalysisThe website’s current ranking is assessed. Where the website currently stands in the search result is seen.
  • On-pageIt includes upliftment of the present state of the website. Its structure, alignment, relevant content and HTML source codes are all optimized. Everything that directly affects material ON the website itself is worked upon or optimized. Various different aspects on the webpage are pooled in together to get a higher ranking on search result pages.
  • Off-PageIt includes all the activities carried out away from the webpage. Most common technique under off-page SEO on which a top SEO agency in India works is the web page’s linkability. Which refers to building backlinks, they are created when a website is linked to another. It is crucial to have strong and credible backlinks because they help your content travel and they showcase that the site having an external link to your webpage vouches for you. While a backlink from a website like Times of India can improve your ranking one from a virus-affected site can drop your ranking low.

Other aspects include -:

  • Publicity through word of mouth
  • Efficient customer service
  • Interaction with customers
  • Offline advertisements

Our Process

  • Audit the current state of the website
  • Keyword and industry research
  • Analysis of competitors
  • Finalize the keywords
  • Work on on-page and the optimization of the content (including the codes of the website)
  • Formulation of off-page SEO strategies and their implementation
  • Monitor performance through live tracking functionality
  • Supply report

Why Should You Choose Us?

Our prime goal is to help your business reach the heights you envision and we work painstakingly to achieve goals.

Here at clicks bazaar, we have an experienced staff who is adept in handling all customized requests and we assure you the Best SEO services in India and like some other plebeian SEO service provider in India we do not just say but actually ASSURE it.

Our Guarantee

Within 8-9 months at least 70% of our targeted keywords will rank on the first search result page on google otherwise our services will be free of cost.

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