Email Marketing Service

Our complete and one-of-a-kind email marketing system will help you to plan and implement an excellent newsletter campaign to reach your targeted customers.


Email Marketing Service

Our complete and one-of-a-kind email marketing system will help you to plan and implement an excellent newsletter campaign to reach your targeted customers. With our expertise and premium tools you can target your audience with impressive and eye catching messages which will in turn give you more sales and business.

What is Email Marketing?

With advancement in technology, many new forms of marketing have come to be used by business owners. One such marketing tool is email marketing. Within few years, the popularity of email marketing has increased drastically. This is because of its effectiveness. Email marketing is a very affordable and people with small capital can easily go ahead with it. Another advantage of email marketing is that it can work 24 hours and for all seven days of week. It can also be managed from anywhere.

To start email marketing, you have to purchase a domain, get a hosting account and an auto responder. Auto responder can send many emails at a time by simply clicking a button.

Email marketing may seem to be easy at first but there are certain things that you need to keep in mind so that it becomes successful. The first of them is to make the content and look of the messages very professional. It is very important because any person will mark an unsophisticated message as spam or send it to the trash box. Both of these can be detrimental to your business. It may also hamper your reputation. To make your message professional, you should make it substantive and for that your message should be free of errors. To avoid errors in your message, you have to proof read the message again and again to rectify any mistake. Some of the errors that you should avoid are grammatical errors, wrong word usage, run on sentences, spelling mistakes and punctuation errors. ClicksBazaar’s expert email marketing ninjas will guide you to start an excellent email marketing strategy without any of these errors and come up with the best one.

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Top features of Email Marketing Service

  • Industry leading deliverability.
  • Scheduled messages.
  • Campaign and click-through tracking.

Benefits offered in Email Marketing Service

  • Premium email marketing strategies.
  • Updated email marketing techniques.
  • Complete tracking (even the clicks made on the ad).
  • Crystal clear report at the end.
  • Competitively priced.
  • 24/7 customer support.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

Email marketing is one of the most used and still evolving marketing techniques which all pro marketers use today. It is not easy to market through newsletters even though if you have a large number of contacts. Our experts can help you in that; their decades of experience in marketing will take your messages to impressive and eye catching one. There by expect good sales and improvement in business.

For email marketing service, one should tell us about their company’s portfolio, targeted audience, campaign timing, etc. Contact our sales executives for more details.

Yes, we have. With our expertise and premium tools, we will track your campaign and even the clicks made on those ads.

Yes. We will deliver a complete and crystal clear report of your email marketing campaign at the end. You can analyze that and find out

Campaign time period is an option of yours. You have to tell us about it when you signing up. According to the audience range, campaign time line and some other parameters, we will fix a price. Don’t get confused, our email marketing service is competitively priced and most effective one.

We have an efficient 24/7 customer support system to help you out. Write to or dial our toll free number.