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Clicks Bazaar-SEO services company in Chennai with their best developers and creators in the team has reached an unexpected height in terms of quality services they provide.

About Us

Clicks Bazaar one of the Top SEO company in Chennai was established in 2007 and has been a pilgrim of internet marketing and has placed its main focus on search engine optimisation using techniques like Indexing, Preventive crawling, Cross-linking

Our Responsibilities

  • Conducting both on-site and off-site analysis- Inspection of the site helps increase the overall performance of the website and its analysis which helps in upgrading the content
  • Placing due attention on Google algorithms- Google algorithms do all the work for you and makes your process easier by providing you the web pages containing the keywords you searched for hence providing you with the information you need.
  • Optimizing the content- Clicks Bazaar one of the companies providing SEO services in Chennai uses the technique of copywriting for optimizing the content which refers to the art of creating content that will immediately grab the users attention.
  • Making the content mobile-friendly- Being mobile friendly is important as a large number of users are shifting from the operation of computers to mobile phones. For this attention needs to be laid on:
    • a) Understand how people generally work on a phone
    • b) Content should be human readable
    • c) Use of short paragraphs
    • d) More use of images
    • e) Use of simple and small words
  • Backlinking- It is the process of linking one website with other websites. Companies are engaged in increasing the number of a backlink to their websites without paying attention to quality.Our team of Clicks bazaar works on both the aspect of increasing the number of backlink with the quality so as to be at the higher of searched results making us as the best SEO company in Chennai.
  • XHTML Validation- Executives of SEO at clicks bazaar ensures that websites meet all the benchmarks and standards of the world wide web.

Our Process

  • Audit Of The Website
    Never focussed on auditing, then it’s time for it!
  • If you have not audited your website and you have started to feel the need to redesign it then Clicks bazaar provides best SEO services in Chennai at your convenience.
  • Auditing is a method developed to examine the performance of your website and focuses on increasing traffic to it.
  • Competitive AnalysisIt is done to have a close view on the performance of the rival firms and to find on what path they are on of digital marketing.
  • Research Of The IndustryResearch is done out of curiosity of the human mind which helps to know what every other business has done and what nobody has thought of ever.
    Research, if done in the right way, can prove to be very informative.
  • Create ContentContent writers focus on making the content as informative, relatable, self-explanatory, emotional as possible that strikes immediate attention of the users out there and should revolve around the news of the concerned industry.


  • Content writing is a challenging task but not for clicks bazaar -best SEO company in Chennai.

  • Optimize CodesOptimizing of the codes is a process to write or rewrite the codes to increase the coding efficiency.

  • Supply ReportsSEO supply reports help the clients to get information about the value of work done by the company and to enhance the relationship with the user.



Within 8 to 9 months at least 70% of your keywords will be on google page 1 or else the work is free from our side.

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