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Let’s just start with something simple first and then we’ll go on to the other aspects.

So to start with, digital marketing refers to the marketing of your product or services using a digital platform and the main objective of this is to increase online visibility and promoting your brand to engage with a wider audience.

About Us

  • Clicks Bazaar – a digital marketing agency in Mumbai was established in the year 2007 and ever since then it has exceeded in the field of search engine optimization, Google Adwords management, Facebook advertising, Instagram advertising, social media optimization, and further with its never-ending offerings. We also provide a return on investment-based performance marketing.

    Clicks Bazaar is one of the leading digital marketing companies with our offices operating in other parts of India and as well as in London and Dubai. We are a team of experts in various fields of digital marketing providing all our services at a very competitive price with no hidden charges cost.

    Our Services

    Clicks Bazaar a digital marketing company in Mumbai offers result-oriented marketing with proven results and targets the right audience.

    • Search Engine OptimizationSearch engine optimization is a process developed to make a website more user-friendly and increasing both the quality and quantity of traffic.

      Under search engine optimization Clicks bazaar provider of digital marketing services in Mumbai focuses on the following aspects under search engine optimization,

      • Keyword research service
      • Page speed optimization service
      • Complete on-page SEO
      • Complete off-page SEO
      • XHTML validation
      • Local/regional search engine optimization
      • Map optimization
    • Google Adwords –Show up when your clients search for what they want.

      Google acts as a link between the clients who are searching for what they want and the companies who are willing to offer exactly the same. Your business ad can appear on Google at that very moment when people are searching for a related product or service. Clicks bazaar offers you the facility of Google Adwords and its management making us one of the best digital marketing agency in Mumbai.

    • Facebook And Instagram Advertisement –Advertising your products and services using social media channels like Facebook and Instagram can help you engage with a large number of clients who are actually looking for what you are offering. For this, it is necessary to select your ad objective, your target audience, budget, and many more such things.
    • Social Media Optimization –An effective social media strategy can help you grow your business on a large scale and engage with an immense audience on a large global platform, for this, it is important to move with the trend of social media optimization using Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, LinkedIn. Clicks Bazaar a digital marketing agency in Navi Mumbai effectively uses these platforms to make your business shine.

Our Process

  • Understanding Business Goals:Understanding business goals involves developing an effective strategy for online marketing, Like what will be the challenges you will be facing in the process, who are your customers and how you can best approach them, and also how much expected ROI you would be getting.
  • Defining The Optimal Cpa:CPA in digital marketing stands for cost price acquisition which refers to what the advertiser has to pay a particular amount for obtaining something in return which can be sales of the goods or contact request.
  • Creating Customized Digital Marketing Strategies As Per The Goal
    Strategies made effectively and efficiently can help a business move on the path of achieving the objective well in time.

    Strategies of clicks bazaar – one of the digital marketing Agency in Andheri

    • Better search engine optimization for the business
    • Content marketing
    • Web design
    • Email marketing
    • Social media marketing and many more.


  • Defining The Timelines And BudgetTimelines refer to certain specific objectives that are needed to be achieved to fulfill the required goal of digital marketing whereas budget refers to the total cost that will be ascertained in all the efforts put forward for achieving the objectives.
  • Implementation, Result, Feedback, And OptimizationThe last step is to implement the strategies made, obtain the result, take necessary feedback from the audience and if certain deviations are found, correct them and optimize the strategies and campaigns.

Why Us

  • We are a Google partner, facebook grouping certified partner, HubSpot certified and google analytics IQ certified.

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