$10 CEO’s Changing the World

$10 CEO’s Changing the World

Hey Guys! I (Ravi Chopra) actually wanted to write this post since 1 month back but didn’t get the right mindset of writing it. It is something most of the people reading this article should realize, this article is a tribute to all my fellow bloggers/webmasters who are working 16- 18 hours and day and trying their level best to change their own world and the world around them. If you can relate to this article, you are one of them as well.

So you might be wondering: Who are the $10 CEO’s?

Webmasters / Bloggers are the ones being referred here. All you need is a $3 domain name from Godaddy and $7 per month hosting from any good hosting provider, install WordPress and vola! you become the CEO of a new web property.

Well, that’s exactly the mindset of most of the beginners who enter blogging and want to just become the cool chap in their peer group, but that’s not at all how it looks like.

This blog post is just to make yourealize how much power do you guys have in your hands.

Firstly I would like to say that bloggers are extremely cool and hard working chaps who do all the activities that a normal person of their age does and at the same time they manage to take some extra time for their their blogs (or on most of the cases they spend most of the time on their blog and manage to take some extra time for the regular activities of a person of their age) and add quality information to their blog that is being searched by and used by someone on the other part of the world.

It is the content posted by these bloggers (for free) that helps millions of people monthly across the globe and find the solution to their problem, get the honest reviews, find the best food recipes or even find the answer to their health problems.

It is these cool bloggers who spend most of the time of their day providing quality content that people are searching for and helping them in the best possible way they can.

No doubt they also make their living from it (or just a small share of their living) but the work they do does need some appreciation.

Imagine if you go to Google.com and look for any query and there is no result for the query. That’s exactly how the internet would have been if there were no bloggers.

Without bloggers and other hard working webmasters, there won’t be any quality content online, it would be a scenario when even Google won’t get you the information you are looking for and internet would be a much more monotonous place than it is now.

Bloggers have revolutionized the Internet by adding more value to it.

But this is just the beginning. All my fellow bloggers and webmaster, Please read ahead.

With the power Bloggers / Webmasters have in their hands, they can actually change the world.

The Internet is undoubtedly the cheapest, easiest and the most convenient media to reach the masses in the current scenario.

We can reach as many people as we want, say whatever we want and if used well, we can influence much more people than the conventional media (so use it wisely).

People always comment that Display media (including news and television is scripted), we as bloggers can do good for the people by sharing the most honest news (with proof if any), with elections coming up we can actually write good and bring in light the facts that people should actually know rather than just spoken and undone work of the officials.

If the blogging community unites, we actually have more reach than any conventional media/newspaper of online front. We can reach far more people with the real information that will actually do the good.

I am not talking about starting news blogs here but you can write anything you think will benefit the society. You can even just motivate people to go and vote for their trusted party and make them understand that every vote counts.

Make them understand that it’s their carelessness that’s making us weak, affecting the economy of the country (despite paying taxes) and causing inflation.

Guys, someone has to take a stance and come forward for the country. No matter in whatever country you are, whichever religion you are off, if you think you can help your country/people by bringing in light the facts/truth, go for it.

You actually have much more power in hand than you can imagine. If bloggers across the globe (or even any country unite), they can help their society bring in the change that is the need of the hour.

Serve your people, Help your country, Bring out the change, Bring our the truth.

It’s time for the blogging community to unite and bring in the change in the society. With the power we have in our hands, we can do wonders.

Make people aware of their rights, help people understand where are they missing and where is everything going wrong. Why is there a price hike, Rupee value depreciating, Import increasing, export decreasing and millions of more things?

If I can write it on my company’s official website, you can write it on your blogs as well. So go for it. Bring in the change.

And my $10 CEO’s, we can actually CHANGE THE WORLD.

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