Social Media Marketing Mumbai

Clicks bazaar is a social media marketing agency in Mumbai and in other cities, besides India we are also operational in London and the United Arab Emirates.


Social Media Marketing Agency in Mumbai

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Let’s change that, shall we?

Social Media Marketing Agency in Mumbai

About Us

Clicks bazaar is a social media marketing agency in Mumbai and in other cities, besides India we are also operational in London and the United Arab Emirates.

Increase your brand visibility with our well-known, and result-focused providing best SMO Services in India and outside

Over the last four years, we have had the honor of working with 1000 plus clients and have managed to restore and maintain our quality of work, Owing to our stellar team members.

Our team at clicks bazaar consists of experts in every field and hence we provide better services as compared to other social media companies in Mumbai. We work with you and for you to transform all your goals into achievements.

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What Is Social Media Marketing

  • Social Media Marketing is all about performance marketing.
  • If the right product is preached in the market at the right time desired results are imminent.
  • Qualified leads are generated
  • Sales are driven in the business
  • Major social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Linked In, Twitter, etc. are popular among people of heterogeneous professions and platforms with such a diverse and wide reach should be utilized.

Social media marketing consists of paid promotions, advertisements, posts, etc., on all social media portals to increase a brand or company’s reach amongst its audience as well as more and more engagement.

Unlike social media optimization, it does not have various small techniques instead it involves a little fraction of money and an abundance of your creativity.

What else can SMM (social media marketing ) include?

  • Promotional videos
  • Paid promotional collaboration with influencers on social media sites (also known as influencer marketing)
  • Engaging Campaigns or Contests.
  • Post engaging advertisements

Its Relevance

Unless you are from mars you would not be alienated from the fact that smartphones and social media have taken the world by storm in recent years.

And if you think traditional marketing processes are still in then you need to bust your bubble. The wide and diverse user base of websites like Facebook, Instagram, youtube, etc., helps your business reach people in the comfort of their homes and aids you to unravel new horizons of success.


  • Wide reach
  • Chances of Higher customer engagement
  • Convenience over old marketing techniques (like door-to-door sales)
  • Cheaper than traditional business promotional techniques
  • Global expansion of audience
  • Less manpower required

Services That We Offer

Social Media Marketing company in Mumbai

Our Process

The process of how this vast and comprehensive affair actually operates is laid down below for you to get an overview of the procedure and hence judge social media marketing company in Mumbai and pick the one that suits your needs.

  • Defining goals of social media marketing
  • Defining target cost per acquisition (CPA)
  • Defining the right channel to promote your product or services
  • Determine the right funnel to ensure maximum conversion to your webpage
  • Finalize the high converting preaching angles
  • Design the creatives as per social media guidelines
  • Launch the campaigns
  • Optimize to obtain maximum ROI

Why Clicks Bazaar?

Not to brag but it won’t be false to claim that if somebody requires a social media marketing agency in Mumbai they can close their eyes and pick us.

Clicks bazaar is not just any common social media agency in Mumbai, we are among the best. Our trusted team of professionals works tirelessly to make your vision a reality and unleash all their forces to see you happy and satisfied.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

Marketing on social media includes endorsing and putting your product online in a planned manner. With the correct placement, we can give you the required exposure that will enhance your page’s awareness.

With followers we also guarantee you with its quality. For us preference lies more at quality of the followers than on just the numbers and with our followers your product will tend to be more audience engaged with attaining more awareness and sales for your respective business