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Social media marketing is a term used to describe a process which uses social media websites for marketing and promoting the company’s goods and services. We are leading Social Media Agency In Chennai.


Social Media Marketing Chennai

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What Is Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing is a term used to describe a process which uses social media websites for marketing and promoting the company’s goods and services. Generally, every organization tends to use social media marketing for increasing the awareness of their product because using social media platforms tend to bring a lot of brand exposure and greater customer reach.

About Us

As you all know today’s teen generation is always on their cellphones and always engaged in using social media sites. When was the last time you checked your social media account, well it will definitely be just a few minutes ago? That’s my point, there are so many people who are engaged always on their phones. Therefore think about using these social media sites for increasing awareness of your brand.

Clicks Bazaar- a social media agency in Chennai provides with the best and professional social media marketing services to help you with increasing both quantity and quality traffic to your website

Our social media experts with their immense knowledge in the field of marketing can take your business to some great height making us as one of the best social media marketing Agency in Chennai.

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Our Process

  • Define Your Goal Goals and objectives refer to the targets and the aims that one business wishes to achieve before or on time. Well defined strategies are made specifically to achieve these goals. Therefore it is necessary to develop predetermined goals for social media marketing which will help to increase the value of your business.

    Clicks Bazaar facebook marketing Chennai focus on the all made goals and make sure the goals are relevant, achievable and not vague.

  • Define The Target Cpa ( Cost Per Acquisition)Cost per acquisition is sometimes also referred to as cost per action which defines the amount paid by your business to obtain a successful conversion. It is important to define the target CPA which in turn will contribute to your Google ad costs.
  • Define Right Channels To Promote Goods And ServicesPromoting done in the right manner and through the right channels can help a lot in increasing the knowledge of your product or service in the minds of the consumers and hence obtaining better customer satisfaction. Channels that can be used to promote the goods and services Are brochures, cards, cellphones, internet, logos, magazines, social media, etc.
  • Create The Right Funnel To Direct Maximum Conversions
    Funnel which is talked about in the above line helps a business to get more leads and sales into your business. Sales funnel or lead funnel is an important digital marketing tool that helps to get maximum conversions, therefore it is important to create a right one of it.
  • Finalize High Converting Pitching AnglesFinalizing high converting pitching angles is important to maintain the image and reputation of the company because many consumers tend to sometimes have distrust in brands. To increase your online visibility it is important to widen the user base through proper press coverage,
  • Design Creatives As Per Social Media GuidelinesCreatives include all the creative aspects that can help us with improving the look of the website in a more beautiful way. Website designers consider the use of creatives to enhance the website using social media guidelines.
  • Launch The CampaignsCampaigns refer to a series of operations directed to achieve a particular goal, the goal can be of increasing sales, revenue, better marketing, high-quality traffic or of better ranking. Launching the campaigns taking all the objective together helps in growing a business.

    Clicks Bazaar a social media agency marketing agency in Chennai has outstripped other companies in launching effective campaigns

  • Optimize For Maximum RoiROI stands for return on investment, social media ROI helps to know the profit generated from investments in social media marketing and its optimization helps in generating a large amount of revenue.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

With optimally planned and executed social media strategies we can beget good amount of social media exposure and awareness for our clients.

We aim to deliver the maximum number of followers in a certain amount of resources but ultimately the number of followers are given as per the client’s requirements.