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Social media marketing is a form of internet-based marketing through the use of social media websites. The aim of social media marketing is to create engaging content for different media that the users will share on their pages. We most popular Social Media Marketing Agency In Bangalore


Social Media Marketing Agency in Bangalore

“We do not have the choice on whether we use social media or not; the choice is if we do it well or not.”

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing is a form of internet-based marketing through the use of social media websites. The aim of social media marketing is to create engaging content for different media that the users will share on their pages.

All of this is done to increase brand exposure and broaden customer reach. It is used as a tool to promote a company, increase sales and also boost their web and social traffic.

It not only means publishing interesting content on your social profiles but also includes engaging with the followers, analyzing the page’s reach, and running social media advertisements.

Social Media Marketing Agency in Bangalore

In social media marketing, the goal is to reach the specific audience organically which will help in redirecting the gathered traffic towards the company’s website.

The greater the popularity and engagement of the page, the more the website traffic. With the help of a decent social media marketing agency in Bangalore, you too can boost your social media traffic.

The reason why the popularity of social media pages is important is that the users usually take a look at the social media pages of the brand and create an impression of it.

If there is very little activity on the pages or the user does not find it interesting enough, all your efforts go in vain.

However, if the page has a decent number of audience and a great page response, it motivates the user in finding out more about the company and go through their website.

About Us

Established in 2007, as a social media marketing company. Clicks Bazaar has expanded its wings and has become a pioneer in the field of Social media marketing.

We are a well-known, and result-focused best social media agency in Chennai, Pune, Delhi

We are now in a respectful position in the ranking of social media marketing companies in Bangalore and offer all kinds of online marketing and promotional services.

You can make the most out of your advertising and marketing campaigns to get optimal outputs with the help of Click Bazaar’s finest social media marketing services.

With more than a decade’s experience in the industry, our social media experts aid you in chalking out efficacious advertising strategies through which you can create a niche in the market for yourself.

You can optimize your social media presence, boost brand awareness, increase sales and improve web traffic.

Social media platforms are evolving every day and we at Clicks Bazaar provide the best social media marketing services in Bangalore and are dynamic in our approach to provide exclusive and optimal digital solutions to our customers.

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Our Process

The entire process behind social marketing is time-consuming and requires extensive strategizing. We at Clicks Bazaar distinguish ourselves from the rest of the social media marketing companies in Bangalore as we help our customers in establishing a feasible social media marketing strategy.

  • Define your goalThe most basic step when it comes to social media marketing is to chalk out your goals; what do you expect from the entire marketing process.
  • Define the target CPA (cost per acquisition)The CPA is the most optimal method of investing in online promotion. When one decides to do social media marketing the CPA must always be considered.
  • Define The Right Channels To Promote Goods And ServicesDifferent kinds of social media channels cater to a different kind of audience and the right social platform should be selected to reach out to the right audience.
  • Create The Right Funnel To Direct Maximum ConversionsFinalising a funnel means to decide the optimal methods and strategies that will be used during the online promotions. We at Clicks Bazaar help you in selecting the right funnels by providing various options to choose from making us a good choice for a social media marketing agency in Bangalore.
  • Finalize High Converting Pitching AnglesPitching angles are ideas and strategies that interest and hook the audience to the page. The Social media marketing experts at Clicks Bazaar provide you with compelling pitches thereby making us the right choice for social media marketing services in Bangalore.
  • Design The Creatives As Per Social Media GuidelinesWe at Clicks Bazaar have designing experts who make the ideas come alive with their brilliant designs and creatives.
  • Launch The CampaignsOnly strategizing is never enough but whatever has been finalized/ created must also be launched optimally. Clicks Bazaar helps you in launching the campaign at an optimal time and also keeps an eye on how the campaign is running.
  • Optimize the maximum R.O.IWe ensure that your get maximum ROI for your investment and that the investments made don’t go in vain.


Within 8 to 9 months at least 70% of our keywords will be on google page 1 or else the work done is free from our side.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

We can manage it fully or partially, as per your wish. We can handle all aspects of it or can provide you with the social content which can be uploaded after your perusal and approval.

Our social media experts perform thorough research to come up with content that can suit your company’s profile and make you stay relevant in the community.

Yes, the experts at Clicks Bazaar maintain a comprehensive report of al the social media optimization they do, which is regularly shared with the clients.