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Clicks Bazaar is one of the leading SEO Company in Kochi which optimizes and modifies your website to rank on the first page in order to take your business to new heights. We provide the best SEO Company in Kochi & Cochin.


Best SEO Company in Kochi

What Is SEO?

SEO stands for Search engine optimization. It stands for optimizing the online content of a website or a web page so that it is liked and preferred by a search engine like Google and places it on the top of the result for searches.

SEO can act as magic when it comes to placing your content on the top results so that it is preferred by the audience whenever they visit for searching content according to certain specific keywords.

SEO Company In kochi

About Us

Clicks Bazaar is one of the leading SEO Company in Kochi which optimizes and modifies your website to rank on the first page in order to take your business to new heights.

We have been working in the field of SEO for more than 10 years and have successfully completed over 10,000+ projects and our team is continuously experimenting with its ways and methods and keeps on reconstructing and remolding them.

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What Do We Offer?

Clicks Bazaar provider of SEO services in Kochi offers you the following SEO-

Our Process

It is very important for the people to be updated with the knowledge of SEO as the SEO industry is expanding rapidly in this global technological world and it is necessary to keep up with the recent changes which are made often by GOOGLE and other search engines.

Some classic steps of SEO that can help a website to rank higher includes:

  • Audit Of The Website: Auditing of the current website and ranking of the current website for specific keywords that can help you get to know about the performance of your website and what can be improved in it in order to make it best.
  • Competitive Analysis: This is the step that involves identifying the competitors of your respective field through competitive analysis which can be done using various competitive analysis tools and software.
  • Research Of The Industry: Conducting research of the industry includes undertaking keyword research, industry research, market research, etc. Under this keyword research plays a very important role, which refers to the process of identifying the most relevant and appropriate keywords for your website.
  • Create Content: Content acts as a lord in search engine optimization and good quality content which is bold, significant, self-explanatory will give your users a reason to stay on your website and even come back.
  • Optimize Codes: All the above steps undertaken will be significant only when the optimization of the codes is done properly. Modifying your HTML codes helps to ensure that the display of the content on the main web page is perfect.
  • Supply Reports: It is very important for the reputed SEO companies to provide detailed, transparent reports to their clients and team every month which helps them get to know about exact SEO work that happened in the month. Clicks Bazaar provides these reports on time without any delay making us one of the best providers of SEO services in Kochi.

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Within 8 to 9 months at least 70% of our keywords will be on Google page 1 or else the work done is free from our side.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

SEO is a lengthy procedure which requires time dedication and there is no solid response to what extent it really takes.Time taken for SEO can depend mainly on three factors that include competition, content, and links. The end-effect that a business wants after SEO strategy implementation is also significant in deciding the time that it will take.

Don’t get tensed if your rankings are fluctuating as it happens and is considered healthy for Google algorithms. Your rankings can fluctuate but will stabilize soon. These rankings fluctuate when Google algorithm changes or when there is sudden competition or trends.