SEO Company Hyderabad

Clicks Bazaar a company in Hyderabad was established in the year 2007 and ever since then has been a scout in the field of internet marketing and rated as best providers of SEO services


SEO Company Hyderabad

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SEO stands for search engine optimization which is a process of getting more traffic organically. Some major search engines like google, bing, yahoo have primary search results that contain web pages and other content and are ranked by the search engines based on what it considers relevant for the users.

About Us

Clicks Bazaar a company in Hyderabad was established in the year 2007 and ever since then has been a scout in the field of internet marketing and rated as best providers of SEO services in Hyderabad, helps you to achieve higher ranking and better visibility online with the use of smart strategies and techniques.

Clicks Bazaar provides both on-page and off- page SEO work for a better ranking and is destined to help you with the aspect of marketing, designing, and development.

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What Do We Offer?

We provide all necessary digital marketing services and deliver on all our promises.

  • Keyword Research ServiceSince there is cut-throat competition happening in the field of online marketing it is very important to come out in the figure and stand out in the crowd. For standing out in the crowd, the companies website should appear on the top of few search results because a user tends to pay more focus only on the top few searches results, this is where the keyword research service comes into the picture.

    Clicks Bazaar an SEO service company in Hyderabad will help you get a bunch of some amazing keywords that will be in coordination with the already most searched keywords.

  • Page Speed Optimization ServiceVarious search engines like google, yahoo, bing, etc have also started to take loading speed and page speed as the criteria for ranking, therefore a page with more loading time will lie lower in the ranking process. The page speed is dependent on the coding done behind it, therefore better coding will help in better loading and page speed.
  • Complete On-page SeoOn page search engine optimization is responsible for optimizing content and HTML source codes to generate more traffic and higher search engine ranking and it is different from off page SEO as it focuses more on the aspect of linking.
  • Complete Off Page SeoOff-page, search engine optimization can help higher search engine rankings and quality traffic for a business if done in the right manner. Off-page, SEO includes all the external activities outside the scope of your website which focuses on building links and online reputation.
  • Local/Regional SeoWith the facility of regional service, Clicks bazaar has tend to become the providers of best SEO services in Hyderabad, because we provide this service at a very reasonable price and helps you with ranking on the top in our local regions and hence providing you with regional search engine optimization.
  • Map Optimization Clicks Bazaar an SEO company in Hyderabad, with its SEO experts who have full knowledge of how the system of map optimization works tends to help grow a business in a particular area.

    Benefits That Map Optimization Provides

    • Helps to grow your business more on a local level
    • Attracting good quality customers
    • Use of specific keywords for map optimization

Our Process

The process followed by Clicks bazaar- an SEO service company in Hyderabad

  • Audit Of The WebsiteClicks Bazaar technologies Pvt. Ltd. an SEO expert in Chandigarh gives due attention to social media marketing as being the latest trend in digital marketing as its importance is growing day by day and it’s the purpose of a business to reach out to its customers in the most feasible way using techniques like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and many more.
  • Competitive AnalysisUnder competitive analysis, the first step is to recognize your top competitors who are in this field for quite a long period of time and the ones who make genuine claims as you do. For helping in competitive analysis a tool called SEM rush can be of use. And the next step is to analyze your competitors and their profile.
  • Research Of The IndustryHaving proper research of the industry and of the competitive industries is important for better performance and a better reputation.
  • Create ContentContent creating and posting it on social media for the end user helps to provide the user with the necessary information they want. Forms of content creating can be self-publishing, blogging, etc.
  • Optimize CodesWhenever a coding expert prepares codes it is expected to make SEO friendly codes So as to rank higher in the search results.

    Some ways in which codes can become noticeable are

    • Page loading
    • Description
    • Keywords
    • Keyword density
    • Keyword placement
    • Meta tags and many more
  • Supply ReportsSupplying reports to the customers either monthly, quarterly or annually helps to show the performance of the websites to its users and obtain feedback from them for improvement.


Within 8 to 10 months at least 70% of our keywords will be on google page 1 or else the work is free from our side.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

SEO can take as fast as one day, or as long as 6 plus months to see results.” Some website owners claim to see results in as little as two weeks, while others report it to take as long as six months. It depends upon the SEO strategy.

Fluctuations in rankings can be fear-inducing but it happens with everyone and is extremely natural that tends to happen with every web website. So, you don’t need to panic about it. For stabilization of the rankings you need to have the best seo strategy.