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Clicks bazaar provides to your business freelancing facility where our freelancer will work for you in the field of designing, marketing, writing, and many more. SEO Company In Bangalore boosts Google Ranking.


What Is Seo?

SEO stands for search engine optimization which refers to the process of increasing the quality and quantity of traffic which differs from local search engine optimization as SEO focus more on national and international searches, converting visitors into your recurring customers.

seo company in bangalore

Clicks Bazaar -SEO consultant in Bangalore focuses on the methods like indexing, preventive crawling, and cross-linking for providing SEO services in Bangalore.

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Our services

  • Keyword Search Service: Clicks Bazaar a top SEO company in Bangalore focuses on the quality of searched phrases or keywords so that it is easily identified by Google and google places the company on the top search results.
  • SEO Content Writing: It is generally believed that users are like hunters when they come to information and they hunt every necessary information possible in the content that serves their purpose of Scrolling through the website. Therefore it is very important to work accurately on the part of content writing for SEO.

    SEO services in Bangalore and with that content writing services Clicks bazaar focuses on certain key features in their writing which includes

    • Content is self-explanatory
    • Written in an inverted pyramid style
    • Content is made in such a way that it easily grabs the attention
  • Google Add-words Management: It refers to the process of maintaining the keywords that will help in getting maximum possible conversions in purchases, leads, and goal completions. on the respective site and effective management of Google add-words will help the clients to find exactly what they are searching for.
  • Page Speed Optimization: To surpass the competition and move ahead in the race internet of marketing Clicks Bazaar providers of the best SEO services in Bangalore also aims at increasing the page speed and loading speed of the page by-

    • Compressing of the larger files
    • Decreasing the response time of the server
  • On -page And Off-Page SEO: On-page, SEO refers to the process of improving the content, HTML code, and keywords of the website by adding long phrased keywords to your content which is the recent trend that can make the content user-friendly.

    SEO, on the other hand, invest its time in link building and increasing the online reputation.

  • Map Optimization: Clicks Bazaar – SEO services company in Bangalore also provides the service of map optimization which is an off-page technique of search engine optimization which helps to build customer awareness particularly useful for smaller organizations.

    Emphasis Is Also Laid On

    • Being mobile-friendly
    • Providing social signals

Our Process

  • Auditing Of The Website: Which helps to know about the performance of the website or to know whether there is a need to redesign it.
  • Competitive Analysis: Which helps to keep track on your competitors operating in the market and be aware of their every strength or weakness.
  • Research Of The Concerned Industry: So as to be fully aware of the product or service pertaining in the market and also be aware of its past, present, or future customers.
  • Creating Effective Content: The main focus for a business is to make their content more engaging, interesting, and self-explanatory in order to intensify digital growth.

    Characteristics Of A Good Content

    • Content made should be original, engaging, and provoking
    • Content created should be understandable
    • Content should be able to provide answers to the questions of the users
    • Content should evoke a response from the audience
    • It should be short and crisp
  • Optimization Of The Codes: If you don’t see the desired result or display of the contents appropriately at your website concerned then there’s a need to optimize your code
    Technical coding experts here at Clicks Bazaar make us as top SEO company in Bangalore.
  • Supply Reports: Effective strategies made are a result of effective and efficient planning. It takes heart and soul out to carry out internet marketing and its processes which gets reviewed every month through the making of supply reports which are sent to the customers and necessary feedback are obtained from them.

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Freelancing Facility Provided By Clicks Bazaar

Team of clicks bazaar provides to your business freelancing facility where our freelancer will work for you in the field of designing, marketing, writing, and many more making us as one of the best SEO services company in Bangalore.


Within 8 to 9 months at least 70% of our keywords will be on google page1 or else the work is free from our side.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

SEO involves tasks that involve researching the customers market and to produce quality content. SEO can take as fast as one day, or as long as 6 plus months to see results.

Everyone encounters and undergoes Google ranking fluctuations and these variations occur everyday. The method to deal with this is by keeping calm and finding the actual reasons.