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Clicks Bazaar a digital marketing agency in Lucknow is considered to be as one of the leading digital marketing companies that were well established in the year 2007. Our Company is leading Digital Marketing Company In Lucknow


Digital Marketing Company In Lucknow

Grow Digitally With Clicks Bazaar- A Digital Marketing Company In Lucknow.

What Is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing refers to advertising or marketing your business through the use of digital channels like websites, social media platforms, search engines, mobile apps, etc so that it reaches a large audience and in return offers them the offering that they want.

Digital Marketing Company in Lucknow

About Us

Clicks Bazaar digital marketing agency in Lucknow is considered to be one of the leading digital marketing companies that were well established in the year 2007 with its offices operating in India, Dubai, and Lucknow.

Our Services

Clicks Bazaar a digital marketing company in Lucknow offers result-oriented services with proven results and targets the right audience.

  • Search Engine Optimization – Clicks Bazaar- a digital marketing company in offers you search engine optimization which refers to the process of modifying the content, increase both the quality and quantity of the traffic, ranking higher in the search result ranking, and transforming your visitors into your paying clients. The ultimate goal or objective is to grow globally and digitally.
  • Social Media Optimization – People on the internet is just not searching for the fun stuff but people also rely on social media to research and know about a particular brand of a business and to obtain more information about that particular business, therefore it is important for the companies to focus on social media optimization through Facebook, Instagram, youtube, and LinkedIn to reach as many people as possible.

  • Facebook And Instagram Advertising – Advertising using the right platforms i.e through Facebook and Instagram can help attract more visitors to your website and if advertising is done in an effective manner it can stir an emotion in the mind of the visitor, hence developing a good connect with the audience and in return more sales
  • Pay Per Click – Clicks Bazaar a digital marketing agency in Lucknow offers you the facility of paid research i.e pay per click. PPC has been a trend in digital marketing and is being used widely because of the advantages it provides. PPC helps to pay a company a certain amount when their respective ads get clicked upon either on the top or on the side of the search engine when a visitor visits the internet to search for a respective product.
  • Google AdwordsSpending on google adwords is totally worth.

    We at Clicks bazaar offer you the facility of Google AdWords. Google ads or Google AdWords refers to a process where advertisers bid on certain specific keywords in order to make their companies ad appear on the Google search engine, for in return google asks for a specific payment.

Let’s Discuss Your Project

Our Process

  • Understanding The Business GoalsUnderstand, Define, Measure, And Achieve Your Business Goals With Our Team Of Clicks Bazaar.

    Defining and understanding the goals of digital marketing is important for any business be it small scale or large scale. Every company should make sure that its goals are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and timely.
    We at clicks bazaar one of the digital marketing Company in Lucknow believes your goals as our goals and will take your company to a great height in our services.

  • Defining The Optimal CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) – If you are aware of this term and even if you are hearing it for the first time.

    Let’s just understand what is meant by cost per acquisition. It refers to the cost of an action taken by a visitor that leads to a conversion. Conversion can be of sale of a product, a click, or can be even an app download.

  • Creating Customized Digital Marketing Strategies As Per The Goals – Creating digital marketing strategies as per your customer goals can engineer your business in such a way that it provides immense satisfaction to its users and leads to recurring sales.
  • Define The Timeline And The Budget – Starting a timeline or a schedule well in advance and taking goals forward that helps to avoid any glitches coming in the process and creating a budget along with a timeline helps to direct business in a systematic manner.
  • Implementation, Result, Feedback, And Optimization – The last but not the least step in digital marketing is to implement the strategies made as per the goals of the business, achieve the result, take feedback from the clients and optimize the strategies and campaigns made.

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Why Us

We are google partner, facebook grouping certified partner, bing accredited partner, hubspot certified and google analytics iq certified.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

Digital marketing benefits businesses and organizations to create an active, exceptional online presence and to have a wide share of the marketplace. Going on the path of digital marketing is important because people today prefer to consume the digital content of various products and services, therefore it is crucial to bring out the business name in the market.

Digital marketing is not an activity that needs to be done in a hurry, all it requires is time, effort and patience. Anyone can manipulate links and content to get temporary results. But we work to provide your company with strong, powerful results on time but while maintaining the quality.