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Clicks Bazaar is one of the leading digital marketing Company in Ahmedabad with its offices operating in three countries i.e India, Dubai and London


Digital Marketing Company In Ahmedabad

Target is one of the most important parts of the digital marketing strategy!

What Is Digital Marketing?

So you might be wondering what exactly is digital marketing and some might think that they know about it but actually digital marketing is way more diverse term than you actually think it is.

Some audience believe digital marketing to be just an online digital marketing strategy to reach its audience but describing it precisely Digital marketing refers to wanting your audience to find your website by ranking higher and higher in the search engine rankings, enabling the audience to have a look of your products and offerings that you provide and initiate a buy, in short, all the promotional activities is termed as digital marketing.

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About Us

Clicks Bazaar is one of the leading digital marketing Company in Ahmedabad with its offices operating in three countries i.e India, Dubai and London and we confidently achieve all your digital marketing revenue goals and ambitions with our ROI ( Return on investment ) based performance marketing as a good and positive ROI is the goal every business.

What Do We Offer?

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)Clicks Bazaar a digital marketing agency in Ahmedabad uses the clever tactic of SEO to increase the number of visitors scrolling your website. The aim is to increase the number of visitors hourly, daily, weekly and monthly by attaining a top position in the rankings of google, yahoo, bing, etc.

    SEO is crucial for a business to boost its business to new heights and to make your website easily accessible to your customers.

  • Google AdwordsGoogle AdWords- a pay per click promotion, is a facility of advertising provided by Google for the companies who want to display their ads on Google for better promotion. The AdWords facility helps the companies to set an approximate budget of advertising and pay the companies when visitors click on their ads.

    Keywords play a major role in Google advertising as only relevant ads are displayed on websites which are related to your advertising keywords.

  • Facebook And Instagram AdvertisementApproximately billions of people use Facebook every day and not just for the fun stuff but also for obtaining relevant useful information. Therefore using Facebook for advertising is a strategy used by every digital marketing strategizer.

    Using Facebook and Instagram reduces the cost of advertisement as compared to using other channels of promotion that are hardly used by people. The main goal of any advertisement is to make sure that it reaches the target audience and the message gets delivered accurately.

  • Social Media OptimizationSocial media optimization plays a major role when it comes to search engine rankings and for proper social media optimization, it is necessary to be active on social media like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, LinkedIn because of its call SOCIAL media for a reason.

Our Process

  • Understanding The Business GoalsThe target of every business whether small or big should always be to understand the business goals and objectives and one should always give priority to these goals before jumping into other digital marketing strategies like social media optimization, pay per click, driving traffic, etc.
  • Defining The Optimal CPA( Cost Per Acquisition)Cost per acquisition is also referred to as cost per action which refers to a metric that finds the total cost of each action of a customer taken on a website that leads to a conversion that can be sales of a product, click on your ad or even an app download.
  • Creating Customized Digital Marketing StrategiesCreating and making the right customized digital marketing strategy or a combination of them as per the goals will help you achieve your goals well in time and push you forward in the direction of achieving it.
  • Defining The Timelines And Budget RequiredGoals, when further gets divided into specific to-do objectives, is termed as timelines and achieving these timelines well in time can help you majorly in achieving your bigger broader goals whereas Budget refers to the total cost of the project and will ultimately depend on the scale of your project. An over-budget project can delay in achieving your timelines and thus your major goals.
  • Implementation, Result, Feedback, And Optimization Of Strategies And CampaignsThe above-mentioned steps will be achieved when there is proper implementation of these steps, obtaining achieved results, taking feedback from clients and team for further improvements and optimization of your strategies and campaigns.

Why Us?

We are Google partner, Facebook grouping certified partner, Bing accredited partner, Hubspot certified and Google analytics IQ certified.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

The best advantage provided by digital marketing to businesses is to engage with millions of people who are searching for the same products and services that you offer online in a financially savvy way. Many businesses have realized its importance to digital marketing to make their business more visible and adaptable.

Digital marketing is not a one time process it requires great expertise and knowledge and working with long term strategies for long term gains for your business will require some time and adequate time needs to be devoted for best results that everyone wishes for. We will make sure to provide you with proven and fast results.