Clicks Bazaar Affiliate Marketing Program

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Clicks Bazaar Affiliate Marketing Program

Hello readers, this blog post is probably one of the most awaited news among all our Bloggers and Internet Marketer friends. This blog post is an official announcement of our “Clicks Bazaar Affiliate Program“. Something for which we have been getting numerous requests since months. This blog post will cover all the insights of the affiliate marketing program in detail.

We will try to make it short and still cover all the important points.

Here are a few details about the Clicks Bazaar Affiliate marketing Program:-

1) What is Clicks Bazaar Affiliate marketing Program?

Ans:- Clicks Bazaar Affiliate marketing program is a program in which we will allow our affiliates to promote our services on their blogs or any Online platform like videos, forums etc using WHITE HAT METHODS only and take a share of the sale amount (sales commission) from the same.

2) How much Affiliate commission do I Earn?

Ans:- We are offering flat 10% affiliate commission to our affiliates. But that’s not all, read the complete post till the end, there are many addons that no other affiliate marketing system provides you.

3) When will the affiliate marketing system be live?

Ans:- The best affiliate marketing system will be live on November 15, 2013

4) Do you store cookies? What is the benefit of storing cookies of visitors?

Ans:- Yes, we do store cookies of every person coming to the website through your affiliate links for a period of 30 days. If any visitor lands on our website through your affiliate link and makes a purchase within the next 30 days, you STILL get the affiliate commission.
So you get paid for visitors that don’t buy immediately but even within 30 days of coming through your affiliate link.

5) How is your affiliate program different from other affiliate programs?

Ans:- We will be shortlisting some premium affiliates for the program in the beginning (for the initial stages) and the shortlisted affiliates will get many benefits over the other ones. Here is how it goes.

We will shortlist a fixed number of premium affiliates who we think can get the maximum benefit from the program. We will provide them with dedicated account managers and support. The account managers will understand their traffic sources and the kind of visitors their website gets and will suggest the best sales and monetization strategies for them based on their traffic.

No matter if you are a pro internet marketer or not, if you have a good traffic source and good understanding of your traffic and if you are willing to work hard and promote our business as your own, we will provide you benefits that no other company does and you might end up earning more money from our affiliate program than your primary revenue sources,

Your account managers will be the point of contact if you have any doubt regarding the best strategies of product promotion, withdrawing of affiliate commission or anything else.

Not only this, our premium Clicks Bazaar affiliates will get invites to our corporate meetings, team building activities and regular training sessions from our side.

All our Affiliates (both premium and other) will get special business from our side as well. On regular basis Clicks Bazaar gets guest posting, product review, Online Media buying and many more orders from various brands. All the Clicks Bazaar affiliates will be approached first for all such orders on priority based upon your performance as an affiliate with us and thus getting you more revenue. So its like you help us grow and we help you grow even more. The ones who perform better get a higher priority.

Note:- You will have to ensure that your website/ blog/traffic source is a quality one which is beneficial for the advertisers as well. Though we will give you preference WE WILL NEVER COMPROMISE on quality of our work. If your blog/website is worth it, then only you get the business.

At Clicks Bazaar we deliver the best so we want only the hard-working affiliates to get these benefits. So if at any point of time we find that any Premium Affiliate is not making the best out of the benefits offered to him/her or is not that serious about the business we do reserve the right to demote that premium affiliate into a regular affiliate and the best performing and the most deserving regular affiliate will get a chance to become a part of our Premium affiliate team.

We might scale up the idea even more but at the moment we would be shortlisting 10 premium affiliates, to begin with. But the other affiliates do have a good chance of coming into the premium slab anytime if they work hard. Also, you will make more money than any other affiliate marketing program because you not only earn from the affiliate commission but also from the business you get from us being our affiliate.

All the affiliates will get access to a complete inventory of marketing material like Affiliate Links, Banners, Promotional Email Templates, Discount Coupons and more. So make the best out of it.

The name of all the premium affiliates would be announced with our Affiliate program launch ie.. Nov 15,2013

We would love to hear from you. Feel free to drop in your comments for the same.

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