Blogger Engagement / ORM

Blogger Engagement / ORM

Project Description

Ever notice how some blogs seem to arrive out of nowhere? A few months earlier, you’d never even heard of the blog. Then suddenly it’s plastered over half the Twitter and Facebook feeds in your niche. And almost overnight, the person behind the blog is the go-to expert in the field. Annoying, isn’t it?
After all, your content is just as good as theirs (if not better). You know just as much about your topic as they do (if not more). And you work just as hard (if not harder) promoting your work on social media.
Even many businesses feel the need to connect with the blogs of their niche so that they can reach a much wider audience and gain popularity.
We at Clicks Bazaar help you to engage with bloggers so that you can easily upscale your blog which you may have just started or you can even expand your business by blogger engagement services for your business which will definitely help you to seek a lot of attention.

Whether written for business or for pleasure, there is no denying that blogs are seriously useful and abundant influencers. Now, just as a great reference to your product or service in an online publication could provide a huge sales boost to your business, so too can a positive mention by a blogger.
At Clicks Bazaar we understand the power of blogs, having watched them grow at an incredible pace in both numbers and influence in a staggeringly short space of time. From the early days, we have worked hard to build ties with them.

Services offered by Clicks Bazaar include

Helping you to identify the right blog according to your requirements
Social media engagement alongside.
Selection and implementation of various campaigns for your business to grow.
Best practices involved to get you the best blogger engagement.

Our Blogger Engagement Services include

Supplying a company’s products for a review piece
Providing a company spokesperson’s expert opinion on a subject related to their industry or business
Sending out prizes for competitions and giveaways
Advising and organising blogger events

The results of blogger engagement include

You can be assured of the best quality service for your business by our highly experienced and qualified team and a lot our reputable blogger contacts across the world.

  • Improved brand awareness among influencers
  • Increased ranking for particular focus areas
  • Mentions on trusted sources with a wide readership
  • High volume of social shares and links
  • A natural, mixed link profile