Article Prism Submission Service

ClicksBazaar is introducing a whole new link building concept which will take your website to first page of search results within a short period.


Article Prism Submission Service by Clicks Bazaar

Do you want your website hit by millions every day? Do you wish to see a whopping Google Analytic report? Do you want huge traffic from popular search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing? If yes, you are on the right page to get it. After a long research and testing by us, ClickBazaar is introducing a whole new link building concept which will take your website to first page of search results within a short period. Excited? We call this all in one link building concept as Article Prism Submission Service. Whether your website is an old one or a new one big one small one, whatever it is we will make best rankings for that in a very short time with our exceptionally uniqueArticle Prism Submission Service.

Article Prism Submission Service

There was a saying ‘Backlinks have a strong influence on a website’s success’. Still it is same but a website with one quality backlink is getting a much better ranking than a website with several ordinary backlinks. So not the number but the quality of internal and external links matters a lot in search engine ranking and visibility. As the competition is rising you have to take an extra step for link building rather than going for conventional ways, to achieve your desired level of success. Our Article Prism Submission service is the answer for that.

What is Article Prism and How Does It work?

When you sign up for an Article Prism Submission service with ClickBazzar, we will submit articles about your website or on desired keyword on high PR article directories which are interconnected. Currently ClickBazzar Article Prism Submission service is available in different packages and all of them offer nine article sites. Article directories are interconnected in the following way:

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Features of Article Prism Submission Service

  • Article Directory 1 Links To Article Directory 2 and Article Directory 3 and Back To “Yourdomain.Com”
  • Article Directory 3 Links To Article Directory 5 Back To “Yourdomain.Com”
  • Article Directory 4 Links To Article Directory 6 Back To “Yourdomain.Com”
  • Article Directory 6 Links To Article Directory 8 Back To “Yourdomain.Com”
  • Article Directory 7 Links To Article Directory 9 Back To “Yourdomain.Com”

Feature of ClicksBazaar Article Prism Submission Service

  • Article Prism Submission is done by our highly talented and experienced SEO professionals.
  • Three packages exist to select according to your website and budget.
  • Each article that is going to submit in article directories will be of 250 words with niche relevance and keyword rich, and written by SEO Professionals.
  • In each article you can select 2 to 3 keywords for anchor text, and those will be first send to you for approval before submitting in article directories.
  • We will submit articles in only reputed high PR article directories.
  • Quality backlinks guaranteed in Article Prism Submission service.
  • We also offer deep linking in Article Prism Submission, which is getting backlinks for inner pages of your website.
  • We use only unique Class C IPs.
  • ClickBazaar Article Prism Submission service can’t be delivered to any wares or porn websites.
  • We will provide a full report right after completing the project.

Top Benefits of Article Prism
Submission Service

  • Trusted, Long living and High quality backlinks from niche relevant content.
  • Quickest search engine indexing.
  • No black hat, 100% pure natural link building.
  • Backlinks from top level structure of domain (Root Domain) of high PR article directories
  • 10 free social bookmarking in high PR websites will be given in
    each package.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

Currently we are providing 3 packages of Article Prism Submission service, you can select one for your need and budget.

Of course, we uses only reputed famous and high PR article directories to submit articles.

Yes, A large percentage of the backlinks that we are going to deliver will be from pages with do follow attribute.

We house a number of experienced SEO professionals in ClickBazzar, and those are going to write key word rich articles for you. You don’t need to write any, but in the case you already have one niche relevant write up and want us to use, we won’t have any problem for that.

Yes, All the backlinks we provide in the Article Prism Submission are of long lasting. You neither have to renew it nor resubmit.

Yes, you need not worry about this. Our SEO professionals are the pioneers behind the articles and ‘no plagiarism’ guaranteed.

Each post will include 2 or 3 links, so that the keyword strength of the article will never come down.

Yes, we don’t use any black hat method in Article Prism Submission. All the backlinks are manually submitted and are 100% real.

Nine unique articles will be included in each of our Article Prism Submission service.