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How to Choose SEO Company for your business

This is one of the most often asked questions in the corporate world. If you own a small online business or a big enterprise, you need a Good Search Engine Optimization (SEO) company for your business. If your website is not search engine optimized or Search Engine friendly, your website is going to reach a smaller audience and hence the scope of your business will be limited to a smaller audience. When you own an online business, you might be [...]

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Shift from Online Marketing to Online Branding

Shift from Online Marketing to Online Branding, what exactly it is? Ever gave it a thought? In this post of Clicks Bazaar, we are going to discuss the same. Online marketing has immense power and is the prime source of income for many big companies and people out there. Since the past 2 decades, we have seen startups turning into a venture of millions and billions, people making millions in a single night, bloggers selling their blogs for millions, people [...]

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The Story Behind the Name Clicks Bazaar

The Story Behind the name Clicks Bazaar – something people have asked me many times to we decided to make it public. In this post of Clicks Bazaar, we will share how it all started and how we came up to the name Clicks Bazaar. Clicks Bazaar was primarily started as an Internet Marketing Company and you can understand the reason having a look at the list of our Internet Marketing Services list. Later on, we got some great and [...]

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Tips to Improve PageRank | Best Link Building Techniques

Tips to Improve PageRank of your Website with the Best Link Building Techniques, something everyone has been looking for after the recent Google PageRank update dated November 8, 2012. Many Clients of Clicks Bazaar has a manifold increase in the Page Rank, some got PR 2, 3, 4, 5 or even 6. This PR update made the Clients of Clicks Bazaar really happy. Though we didn’t get time to work on our own PR this time as we were [...]

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Best Tips for Online Brand Management

Best Tips for Online Brand Management is one of the hottest topics among the big online startups nowadays. Companies are keeping a huge budget just for their Online Brand Management. There has been a Shift from Online Marketing to Online Branding, this can easily be seen by the change in a budget that the companies keep for their online marketing campaigns nowadays as compared to the previous ones. If you are also keeping a good chunk of money for Online [...]


Placing Ads on Business Website | Biggest Online Startup Mistake

Placing Ads on Business Website is the Biggest Online Startup Mistake that every online business startup should avoid. This post of Clicks Bazaar is designed for a small online business startup who aim to grow and have the potential as well. We came across a lot of new websites doing this mistakes and it became imperative for us to write the blog post when one of our own clients did it. Placing Ads on Business Website | Biggest Online Startup [...]

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Guest Posting Services | Affordable Guest Post Submission

Guest Posting Services by Clicks Bazaar, an affordable Guest Post Solution. We don’t say it, our clients say so. Since the past couple of years, we have handled many successful campaigns of a various budget for many clients across the world. We offered a composite Guest Posting Services Solution to everyone in their budget. The prime aim of this post is to give a glance at how well the Guest Posting Service or Guest Post Submission works and why [...]

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How to Increase Online Sales

How to increase Online Sales, you might also be asking this question to yourself if you run an e-commerce website or are trying to sell a product online. We have been dealing with a few clients who have to spend thousands of dollars on creating their sales page or e-commerce websites but still don’t manage to get the desired sales results. Having a great website with no sales is just like having a flamboyant website with quality products but no [...]

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What’s in Store for Clicks Bazaar in 2013

Well, year 2012 has been a great year for Clicks Bazaar. We have already broken all the previous records that we had set, already have a lot of new and happy clients and are already in the race of the fastest growing Internet Marketing Companies in the country. This pace should not stop so we do have some great plans for the coming years. This is a small list of things that you can expect from Clicks Bazaar’s coming up [...]


How to Choose a Domain Name

How to Choose a Domain Name? How to find the right domain name for your Online business? These are probably the first questions that pop up into the mind of people planning to start their own website. If you are also struck in the dilemma of choosing the correct domain name for your online business/website, your search probably ends here. In this blog post of Clicks Bazaar, we are going to tell you exactly the same. Choosing the right domain name [...]