Having a website for commercial use is now an elemental part of life for the majority of businesses. Even if your product or service is not conveyed electronically, customers look to websites for booking services, information, price comparison and contact details. Your website has the potential to entice large numbers of customers or, contrarily, can give a poor affect if not well executed. Ailing written copy can be all it takes for prospective clients to look somewhere else, so using a website proofreading service is usually an astute decision. Not only does Clicks Bazaar’s website proofreading guarantee high-quality copy, it also means you can spend time on promote your business rather than worrying about correct content.dreamstime_14649214

Proofreading involves correcting and rechecking content, therefore making it gramatically correct, highly converting and SEO friendly. Clicks bazaar’s proofreading ensures that your pre-written content is preserved, with correct grammar and search engine friendly text. Using website proofreading service is usually a wise decision. At clicks bazaar proofreading is done by experienced content writers. Our website proofreading will not change the content of your work, but will ensure that it is transferred in correct English and is free from all errors.

Key features of proofreading service

No grammatical mistakes.

No spelling mistakes.

Quick turnaround time.

Over six years of experience.

100% satisfaction guarantee

Our process of proof reading

1You provide us with the copy to be proofread.
2Our expert team of proofreaders proofread the content thoroughly.
3Proofread content undergoes final revision.
4Final content handed over to the client.
5If client is satisfied the process completes, if the client is not satisfied the process repeats until the client is satisfied

Benefits of proofreading service

Proofreading will be done by experienced content writers.
We provide this unique service in a very competitive price.
A better content is equal to a better search engine ranking
Our quality proofreading will help you to expand your business.
Our proofreading guarantees high quality copy.

FAQ’s for proofreading service

Q. what is proofreading?

A. proofreading means correcting and rechecking the content for your website or any other content that you have written.

Q. how experienced is your proofreaders?

A. at clicks bazaar we host the best content writers with years of experience and are the best in proofreading.

Q. how many revisions are allowed?

A. at Clicks Bazaar we provide unlimited revisions till the time you are satisfied.

Q. how many people will proofread my content?

A. we have separate team of people to proofread the content and different team of people to review the proofread content to ensure the best results.

Q. how will my edited work be returned to me?

A. we will return your edited work via e-mail and it will be ready to print and submit. We do not provide printed copies.

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  •   At first, I was a little skeptical of working with Clicks Bazaar but I was really astonished and happy with what they did to my website. Ravi Chopra and other members of Clicks Bazaar were too helpful in suggesting the right solution for my website. They were always available for support and clarification of doubts. It has been 4...

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