PSD to XHTML Conversion

ClicksBazaar is an experienced firm in the field of PSD to XHTML psd-to-xhtmlConversion. Our decades experienced designers will make this a bit easier for any complex website structure and design. We offer a complete XHTML Conversion on any PSD file. Our experts will convert PSD files to XHTML without losing any hyperlinks, footnotes and contents. And we can remove excessive multimedia elements if required. Our coding experts will use only high end pagination soft wares which can convert images, graphics and text in to quality web pages. ClicksBazaar offer a review option on PSD to XHTML Conversion service, you can review the output and suggest changes in specific formats, text and special characters. And we are very much proficient about batch conversion.

We offer PSD TO XHTML Conversion Service for




Key Features of PSD to XHTML Conversion

1Specialized XHTML coding.
2Fast loading multimedia optimized pages.
3External JavaScript file according your choice.
4Cross-Browser test with Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Safari.
5Search engine optimized sematic coding to achieve the maximum ranking.
6Helps to optimize the layout, look and feel of a website.


Benefits Offered in PSD to XHTML Conversion Service

Quick PSD to XHTML conversion.
Won’t lose any content or multimedia element in the PSD file.
Sematic coding ensures betters ranking in all premier search engines.
Offer this service for popular four platforms – WordPress, CRE Loaded, vBulletin and OS Commerce.
Fast loading and attractive looking webpage guaranteed.

FAQ for PSD to XHTML Conversion Service

What is PSD to XHTML Conversion?
This is actually a coding process to obtain a webpage according to the design one has done with Adobe Photoshop.  That is converting a design object to webpage without losing content and multimedia objects with the help of XHTML.
Do you ensure less data leak in PSD to XHTML Conversion process?
Yes. We have many experienced coding experts here in ClicksBazaar. They ensure a ‘0%’ data leak in the process of PSD to XHTML conversion.
Is XHTML conversion search engine friendly?
Yes. Our XHTML conversion is done with search engine optimized sematic coding techniques. This will help you to rank better in search engines with specific keywords.
Do you offer PSD to XHTML Conversion for WordPress?
Yes. Unlike any other companies ClicksBazaar offer this service for exactly four platforms including WordPress, CRE Loaded, vBulletin and OS Commerce.
Will you create an external JavaScript file for my webpage?
External JavaScript file is an optional feature in PSD to XHTML Conversion. You can opt it according your website needs.
Do you ensure cross-browser compatibility in converted webpages?
Yes. We will deliver your webpage only after checking it with different browsers including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Safari.
Will your experts help me to optimize my webpage layout and look?
Yes. Our coding and designing experts will even help you to build a better looking webpage with attractive layout, look and feel.
Can I review my webpage after XHTML conversion?
Can I review my webpage after XHTML conversion?
How much time it usually takes to deliver an order?
PSD to XHTML Conversion is a customized service. Delivery time depends up on the size and complexity of your PSD file. But we will give you an exact time line after submitting your details.
What about the pricing of XHTML Conversion has done?
As mentioned, this is a customized service. Once you complete submitting details with our experts, they will come up with a custom quote for you. Remember, our PSD to XHTML conversion is a cost effective service.
Can I contact you for my queries?

Yes, of course. You have permission to contact us 24/7. We will clarify all your doubts within 24 hours.