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Make the most from your advertising campaigns to reach desired goals online media advertisingthrough ClicksBazaar’s intelligent Online Media Planning service. Our years experienced marketing ninjas will help you out to plan an effective advertising strategy through which you can popularize your brand and increase sales. In addition a complete report of our strategic planning will show you how far you reached and accomplished in terms of traffic, subscription, lead generation and brand awareness. 

Process of Online Media Planning

Online media planning is in many ways similar to the traditional media planning in the sense that both require strategic inputs for their success. But online media planning require a lot more expertise on the part of the media planner because it is quite complex and dynamic in nature. There is a difference between online media planning and traditional media planning and that is in online media planning, a media plan must be developed before developing the creative communication since online advertising opportunities are inconsistent and lacks standard.

Online media planning is innovative and interactive which can be used for targeted advertising. After knowing the budget, an online media planner can help you by planning where and how the advertising will be done to get the maximum result and exposure.

For online media planning, you have to have a clear advertising objective. The business owner should know what exactly he wants from the advertising campaign and help the media planner by sharing that information. Proper understanding of the campaign is very essential for it to be successful.

After identifying the objectives of the advertising campaign, the online media planner makes decision about media buying. Once the business owner approves of this, the media planner goes ahead with the plan and finds various media platforms that may give maximum result. After that the online media planner negotiates with various media platforms regarding rates and chooses the deal that will be most profitable and effective. He will then inform that to the business owner and take his approval for going any further.

Once the media platform is selected, the media planner will present ad specification sheet to the creative team for designing the communications according to the requirements of each media space. After that he will track traffic and make efforts to the make campaign effective and successful.


Our creative 5 steps of Online Media Planning

Through analysis of your website/brand.
2 Setting goals according to your need.
3 Come up with most appropriate advertising strategy.

4 Implementing and tracking it simultaneously

  • Ad networks.

  • Niche specific sites.

  • Content sites.

  • Web portals.

  • High traffic blogs.

  • Online Reviews on High Quality Blogs of Same Niche

Our experts will take your website/ brand to the latest digital formats to make people aware of it. Like following,

  • Banners

  • Text ads

  • Leaderboard

  • Medium rectangular

  • Expendables

  • Wide sky cappers

  • Pre-roll

  • Online Reviews

ClicksBazaar online media planning team will track your advertising campaign in all possible ways with latest technologies. And our experts will optimize your campaign according to the trend. This will help you to understand how people respond to your website/brand. And the final report will be delivered after completing the ad campaign.

Benefits offered in Online Media Planning

Bringing you millions of ultimate hungry buying customers.
Professional and premium adverting campaign.
Whole process is run and controlled by a well experienced team.
Analytical report at any time you need while ad campaign is running.
Advertising in all possible ways through online media sources.
Optimization process according to people’s response.
A crystal clear report at the end.

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FAQ for Online Media Planning

How effective is your online media planning service?

In ClicksBazaar, we host a bunch of online marketing ninjas who have years of experience and practice in media planning process. They can guarantee a 100% effective and efficient online media planning service.

Do you offer any packages in this service?

No. This service is a customized one. Clients can set their campaign goals before signing up with us, and we will deliver the exact or more that he/she really wanted. Contact our sales executive to know more.

Can you guarantee that you can deliver the exact goals and need that I wanted with my website/brand?

Yes, of course. You should mention about your goals and needs while signing up and our team will work on it and bring you the most of it.

Do you provide any report after the completion of ad campaign?

Yes, we do deliver a report. When the campaign is over within the time period you suggested, our experts will give you a whole complete report covering each and every adverting strategy that we used for your website/brand.

What about the pricing of online media planning service?

As mentioned it is customized service. We will fix the cost of your campaign according to your needs and goals which you have to submit while signing up with us. But as a premier all in one web solution center, we can offer this service at a very competitive price but still no compromise on quality.

How can I contact you for my queries?

Contact us anytime as we have a 24/7 customer support.

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