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Facebook has an immense power in internet marketing now a day. Having facebook-page-designbusiness page in Facebook is like taking a step ahead in marketing. As you know Facebook house more than 500 Million users and just think about the possibility of getting bunch customers from that!

Why your business needs a Facebook Fan Page Designing Service

1 There are more than 500 million users.
2 More than 2 million Local Businesses have Facebook Fan Page.
3 60% of the total users log on every single day.

4 Facebook is the second most popular website in the entire internet.

5 Pages have generated more than 5.4 Billion likes.

We will design your Facebook Fan Page right from the ground. You have options to communicate in a better way with Facebook Pages. Not only text, you can post all your multimedia elements to boost Page Likes and there by grow your customer base. And what else? Your business will get a great exposure very quickly. We will even help you to place a Facebook Like Box in your website in the right place with your suggestions. ClicksBazaar have couple of two three packages in Facebook Fan Page Designing with a fixed number of page likes. Choose from the following.

Benefits offered in Facebook Fan Page Designing

A complete Facebook Fan Page Designing.
A fixed number of likes will be added. (Choose from our plans)
Contents will be added to your page (Images and videos regarding your business)
Quick and efficient service.
Review option available (Deliver your page after all corrections made)
Flexible packages to select according to your business and budget.
A very quick exposure for your business.

FAQ for Facebook Fan Page Designing

What is a Facebook Fan Page?
A Facebook Fan Page is like a community page. One can like pages if he/she really likes it. Pages can be created for businesses, public figures, websites etc. By earning more likes, you can grow your customer base.
I have a local business; can I order your Facebook Fan Page Designing?
Yes. It doesn’t matter whether your business is local or wide. If it’s local you can earn local peoples likes and if it’s wide you can earn likes from worldwide. Remember, a like is actually a person. The exposure which Facebook offers is just really awesome.
How a Facebook Fan Page will affect my business?
Facebook, as the second most popular website in the internet, you can earn many quality customers. A quick exposure and a wide customer base are guaranteed as well.
Do you offer any plans in this service?
Yes. Currently we offer couple of plans in Facebook Fan Page Designing Service. Choose the correct one according to your business objectives and budget.
Will you deliver Likes with your Facebook Fan Page Designing Service?
Yes. ClicksBazaar has this unique feature in Facebook Fan Page Designing Service. We will add a fixed number of real likes (not bots) with packages.
Who will design my Facebook Page?
We have well experienced designers here in ClicksBazaar. They will design your page in the right way you want.
What kind of contents will be added after creating a page?

Mainly multimedia objects like images and videos related to your business. You can suggest your idea.


Can I review my page, when you complete designing it?

Yes, of course. We offer a review option in Facebook Fan Page Designing Service. A corrected page will be given right after your review.


Can you help me to sync my website and newly build Facebook Fan Page?

Yes. Unlike any other company, ClicksBazaar will help you in any point of time regarding troubles in setting up a like box or like button in your own website.


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