Alexa Boosting Service

Alexa Boosting Service

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  • October 9, 2017
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Project Description

What is Alexa and Why is Alexa Boosting Service Important

Alexa is a website that ranks all the websites of the world based on certain factors. It can be considered as the world website ranking system. Alexa tells how relevant you are and how many people visit your website. It tells the same thing to potential buyers and webmasters who are interested in link exchange and paid advertisement.

So as a webmaster, Alexa rank plays a very important role in your profit generation. Some people say Alexa rank is of no use, but remember is world’s number three website ranking institution. If you want to demonstrate your website value, Alexa ranking can be a good indicator. This will help you to get a higher price in case you are selling your website. ClicksBazaar offers a manual Alexa Boosting service at competitive prices in a couple of packages.

Important of a good Alexa rank

  • Increase the value of domain and content
    A website having good Alexa rank can increase its domain and content value. This will give a greater reputation as well as a higher selling price.
  • Attract paid advertisers
    A better Alexa rank will drive more paid advertisers, this will fetch you more profit.
  • Raise your website popularity
    Other websites and blogs will add your website link to their pages; you ranked higher in Alexa through. This will raise your online and offline popularity.

A website having good Alexa rank can increase its domain and content value. This will give a greater reputation as well as a higher selling price.

Features of Clicks Bazaar Alexa Boosting Service


We Will Drive Millions Of Quality Visitors To Your Website.


Your Landing Page Will Be Displayed In The Form Of Full Page Advertisement.


We Will Add Your Website To Content Related Directories.

Top Benefits Offered

  • Surprising increase in the traffic.
  • Dramatical raise in the popularity.
  • More offers (Advertisements, Guest posts, Link exchange etc.)
  • Excess profit generation.
  • Service is available in packages, select according to budget.
  • Quick result, quality service.


Yes. Alexa is world’s number three website ranking institution and it is necessary to have a good rank to achieve popularity and more profits.

We have a number of strategies to increase Alexa ranking of one website. They are, driving millions of quality visitors to your website, displaying your landing page as a full page advertisement and adding your website links to content related directories.

No, definitely not. We won’t use any software or any other black hat method to increase your Alexa rank. It’s a manual process and our experts will do that for you.

Just go to and enter your website URL in the required field. Your ranking will be displayed as of ‘World ranking’ and ‘Country specific ranking’.

Yes. Alexa rank is one of the top measurements used to state your website value. With a better Alexa rank, better website value is guaranteed.

Yes. A good Alexa rank will give you a great reputation. Other websites on your niche will compete to add your website link in theirs, intern more popularity.

Yes.  Alexa rank is a measurement of website value. As promised, we will rank your website higher with this service and that will convince buyers to bid higher, in case you are going to sell it.

As an established company in internet marketing and web development, we have a bunch of experts working for Alexa boosting service. They will increase Alexa rankings manually and very efficiently.

Yes, we do. We have couple of plans varying the range of Alexa rank which you really want. Choose one among them according to your budget.

Yes, you are always welcome. We have 24/7 customer support and you can contact us for any queries.